Overwater Bass Guitars

When did I first start playing Overwater Bass Guitars? It was while playing in Prime Cut in 1981 that my precious 1963 Fender Precision bass was stolen from a London studio along with the Gibson Grabber.  While searching for a replacement I read a review of the British built Overwater “OS 957” in International Musician magazine.  I had always wanted a Gibson T-bird (I have one now) and the look of the bass in the magazine pictures started the heart pumping! Impulse drove me to order one from a local store and so started my love affair with the Overwater brand. I still own the early 80’s original series and that is now joined with a Perception 4 string, a 2015 custom designed Original Series 4 string and a 2016 5 string Original Series.

So why Overwater?  Well for me there are four elements to any bass guitar; build quality, playability, tone or eq and the look. Its fair to say that all of those elements score highly with Overwater and of course that they are designed and built in the UK. If you haven’t checked them out then I really do suggest that you take a look.

Let me tell you a quick story about the OS 4 string. My Dad passed away a few years ago. In his retirement he was a prolific cabinet maker and was surrounded by piles of all different sorts of wood. After he died I invited Chris May from Overwater to come and look at the collection and he took a few pieces away with him. The lump of Spanish Cedar he took turned into my OS 4 string. Its such a special bass not only for what it emotionally represents but also as it is a cracker to play.